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Our company started in 2019. Sachin Sehgal, the CEO of Elevate, noticed that some of his favorite spots around his college town of Iowa City and his hometown of Des Moines weren’t getting as much attention as they should and wondered what he could do to help. After realizing there was an opportunity for these businesses to use social media to reach their customer base, he put his expertise in sales and marketing to work to create Elevate Digital Solutions.

Elevate has now grown into a full-scale marketing team and works with businesses and brands like yours to design a digital plan tailored to your unique situation. Using demographic data and customer feedback, we adapt our strategy to our client’s changing needs to achieve the most traction for their marketing budget. When content creation is needed, our specialists create curated content that facilitates the development and promotion of the brand. Elevate has reached millions of people through our ad campaigns, helped a number of local businesses accomplish their goals, and is developing new and more efficient ways to help our clients have their brand recognized across the web! We hope to continue to grow with you and Elevate your company!


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