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Independent Authorized Clinic providing Ideal Protein®'s
Uncompromised Personal Transformation Protocol

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Time tested, proven protocol.  Work with clients who need to lose 10-200 pounds; athletes who want to reduce body fat to improve performance; clients with metabolic syndrome who need to normalize blood sugars, lose weight for surgery, general improvement in health and wellness profile.

Regulated pharmaceutical grade protein products and vitamins/supplements, coaching for weight loss and weight maintenance, post workout recovery protein shakes, branched chain amino acids supplement for muscle synthesis.  Products include protein bars, crisps (chips), fruity/creamy drinks, soups, two collagen products - fruity drink and gelatin, pancakes, pudding, rotini, brownies, chocolate bar, both ready-made drinks and pre-mixed, and more.

For appointment, text or call 641.203.0999.  Summer hours 9-5:30 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - by appointment.

Caryn Westman, Clinic Owner/Director

Note:  I am not a medical office.